Monday, February 29, 2016

Boy have I fallen off the blogging band wagon!  The last time I posted was August.  Once school happened.  However; I could not resist linking up Andrea today and talking about the boys in our life in my few spare minutes of down time.

I've been married to my husband Matthew for 16 1/2 years now.  We met in May 1998 and were married  June 5, 1999.  He was just exiting the US Marine Corp after honorably serving for 4 years  and I had just made a career change from  social work to entering the corporate world. We spent our first 9 1/2 years of marriage in Apex, NC where we had our 3 children and had a great group of friends and an incredible church family.  In October of 2009 we moved back to my home state of TX.  I loved our time in NC but it felt so good to be back home. 
  We have had our fair share of ups and downs but our love for each other runs deep and I could not imagine my life with anyone else.  Matthew is one of the most loyal people I know and has the biggest heart. He is also an amazing he should be on tour. He coaches our sons baseball teams and takes them golfing all the time. He still takes me on dates and even takes our daughter on dates. He is an amazing father and I am so thankful that the Lord brought our hearts together. 
Kollman is our oldest son and the middle child.  He was born at 34 weeks and weighed 4lbs 11oz.  He spent his first 12 days of life in the NICU.  His first year of life was not pleasant (extreme colic, cried constantly, never slept and had severe acid reflux).  Thankfully that is no longer the case! :) He endured months of physical therapy to learn to walk and he has not been still since then! At 18 months old he was diagnosed with an egg allergy and a peanut allergy within two weeks of each other.  Thankfully he has outgrown his egg allergy but is allergic to everything in the legume family (green beans, etc.), ALL tree nuts, a SEVERE peanut allergy, as well as oak  and grass.  He has always been very mature about his allergies, praise God.  He plays on a basketball team during the winter months and during Fall and Spring he plays baseball.  To say he loves baseball is putting it mildly!  The minute he gets home from  school he jumps out of the car and grabs either his basketball or baseball equipment and will practice for hours.  Kollman is an honor student and school does not come easy for him.  He struggles terribly with anxiety, especially testing anxiety.  He works incredibly hard and pushes through the difficulty.  He has the most tender heart and is friends with everyone.  He has piercing blue eyes and he stole my heart from the very beginning. 

Ryan is our youngest, and by far, the most "spirited."  He is fiercely independent, very inquisitive (always asking questions),  and very energetic.  He loves Lego's, math, golf and is OBSESSED with John Deere.  It would blow your socks off what he knows about them.  He says he wants to be a farmer and an engineer for John Deere when he grows up.  He has an incredibly close bond with my dad and spends the night with him EVERY Friday night.  He also has piercing blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart.

I am incredibly blessed to have these "boys" in my life!  They definitely keep me on my toes! 

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