Tuesday, July 21, 2015

 Today I am linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday: Home Tour Edition.  I love looking into other people's homes to draw inspiration.  A home should reflect the people and things you love most.  Clearly the day I took the above picture was the day of my youngest son's birthday party.  I made the burlap wreath myself and hung a metal cupcake/birthday sign on it.  Normally it has a monogrammed "S"!  Everything is better with a monogram! ;)
 Come on in!  To the left is the dining room, straight ahead is the living room and to the right is our master suite.  The entry way houses our piano that was my grandmother's. 

 This is our living room.  The windows and French doors lead out to the patio/pool.  From here you can also see into the kitchen and breakfast nook.

 This is the other side of the living room.  I absolutely love our fire place and love decorating for every season known to man! :)

 Here is our half bath.  My 13 year old daughter has claimed it as her own.  This is where she spends forever getting ready.

 This is the kid's bathroom.  It is currently a work in progress.

 This is our dining room.  It has a huge window that faces the street.  I always put a Christmas tree in front of the window during Christmas as I love driving by at night and seeing it all lit up from the street.  In this picture it is decorated for Easter.

 Here is a corner of the playroom.  I only have a picture of is decked out for Christmas.  So much sentiment here.  My grandmother who passed a year and a half ago painted both of those pictures and the majority of the ornaments on the tree were handmade by my mother.  The play room is bonus space on the second story which is why it is so oddly shaped.  Off of the playroom is a shared office of which I do not have any pictures.

 Another view of the playroom.  I wished it always looked this clean!
 And another view...

 Just because I am thinking about Fall....here is the mantle from last year.

 My boys share a room.  I don't have a picture of the entire room.  The only picture I have is of it decorated at Christmas.  (Can you tell I decorate every room?)  And no, the snowmen quilts do not stay up year round!  Again, I wish their room was currently this clean!

And just because they are cute!

My laundry room where I spend a lot of time washing baseball uniforms and cheerleading uniforms!  It has a ton of storage!

The view down the stairs.  My "mommy command central" station.

This is the view of the master bath as you walk in.  To the right is the "potty room" and to the left is a double vanity.  This room is very hard to photo graph and it doesn't help it was super cloudy when I did it!

And no, the initials don't mean "MR"....they are our initials...

The view walking into our master suite.  To the right is our master bath and to the left is our closets and bed room/sitting area.

My closet is on the left and his on the right.

One day I will get around to paining our furniture.  And the glider rocker now has a happy home in our church nursery.

There is a door that leads to the patio and the windows overlook the patio/pool.  I can see my kids from anywhere in the house.

My daughter's room.  A work in progress...almost complete!

The heart of the home...the kitchen. 

The view of my kitchen walking in from the garage.  And yes, I do have a cheetah print rug in my kitchen.  Why not?!

A "glimpse" of our patio/pool.  Don't seem to have a picture of the entire thing. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Blessings to you!


  1. Your home is beautiful! I really like the china cabinet in your dining room. It is so pretty!